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Bollywood Star Salman Khan

| October 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Salman is the best Actor of India and then also he had born in the Mumbai but his religion is Islam due to his great qualities. He has become nice actor for every person in this stage of the competition life and then also in the same way we can say that large numbers of films has made by him in this stage of the success.
He is also the best TV re presenter in this stage of modern life and then also in the same way we can say that his career has become for a long time. His others films are releasing in this time and then also in the same way there have presented large numbers of references and also presented the most of the links in this stage of modern life.


Arbaaz Khan Indian Actor

| October 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Arbaz Khan is the best actor for modern age of the life and then also in the same way we can say that he has become the best Indian actor in this stage of the modern life. His religion is Islam and then also in the same way we can say that his nationality is India.
His religion is Islam and also it is the best actor of India for getting the success in this age of modern life for success. There has presented best actors in their home like as we can say that salman khan is the best actor of film in this stage of the modern age for getting the success of modern life.


Saif and Kareena 2nd Wedding Anniversary

| October 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are Bollywood stars. They got married on 16th October, 2012 and now they are going to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary. Often they both like to spend their vacations in Europe, London and Switzerland, etc. but this time Saif and Kareena decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary at Saif’s ancestral home “Pataudi Palace”.
Saif and Kareena are taking some days off for their wedding ceremony. Ceremony arrangements are almost completed at the palace. Saif Ali Khan and his love lady are excited for their anniversary celebration. We wish this star couple with best of luck.


Most Popular Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone

| October 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Sunny Leone is a Bollywood actress who got a lot of fame and money in Bollywood industry. Her real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra and she has borne in Sarnia, Ontario on 13 may 1981. Sunny Leone moves to Indian in young age and enters into the adult entertainment industry and get so famous. After this she appeared in the Bollywood industry and now she is one of the most searched Bollywood celebrities in the world.

First time Sunny Leone got people’s attention after her appearance in Big Boss Season 5. And after that Sunny Leone appeared in Bollywood movie Jism 2. Sunny Leone is a very hot and pretty girl and she currently married to Daniel Weber. Sunny Leone is not only an actress but a director and producer also.


Zarine Khan Great India Model

| October 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

WE have wanted to keep in mind that there are present a large numbers of models on this stage of the modern life and then also she had born in India. She has become the great proud of India by taking some of the following steps for success. Zarine khan is Pathan and then also she is more beauty than all of the others pathan.

She has done the work in modeling life and then also in the same way she had kept in mind modeling life is the perfect life for success. There are also present some of the main characters in India like as we can say that stage performance and magazine covers and also endorsements. External link is present of her on the Internet Movie Database.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra

| October 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

Priyanka Chopra is one of the highest-paid bollywood actresses and she is very gorgeous and pretty. Priyanka has born in Jamshedpur, Bihar (India) on 18 July 1982. priyanka Chopra is really a very charming and pretty girl.

Priyanka chopra started her showbiz career in 2000 and now she is a top bolllywood actress. She has worked in numerous bollywood movies like Humraaz, Andaaz, The Hero, Kismat, Aitraaz, Mujh Se Shadi Kro Gi and many more.
Priyanka chopra has won the title of “Miss India” and she also Crowned in “Miss World Contestant”. Priyanka Chopra has also won many film fare awards for best performance in movies. Priyanka Chopra is also a best singer.


Bollywood Celebrity Mallika Sherawat

| October 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Mallika Sherawat is a most popular Bollywood actress and former model. Mallika Sherawat has born in (Hisar) India on 24th October 1976. Mallika take a degree in philosophy from a local university. Mallika Sherawat belongs to a conservative family so she was boycotted by her family in starting of her showbiz career. However now her family accepted her profession and they reconciled.
Before the start of her acting debut she appeared in commercials with SRK and Amithab Bachan. He first appeared in movie “Jeena Sirf Mere Liy” with a small role. Her first noticeable role was in the movie “khwahish” (2003). Then she appeared in super hit bollywood movie “Murder” (2004) and she got many awards for her wonderful performance in “murder”. Mallika worked in numerious bollywood movies and she is especially known for her bold performance on camera.


Bollywood Attractive Actress Kajol

| October 7, 2014 | 0 Comments

Kajol is one of the most successful female bollywood actresses. Kajol has born in Mambai on 5 august 1974. kajol is daughter of actress Tanuja and film director Shomu Mukherjee.
Kajol started her acting career at very early age when she was a student. She first appeared in bollywood movie “Bekhuddi”. She continues her study with acting; her first success was “Baazigar”. She has worked various bollywood movies just like the “Dil Wale Dulhanya Lejayege”(1995), “Kuch Kuch Hota He”(1998), “Kabi Khushi Kabi Gham”(2001) etc.
After 2001 she takes a brake from acting and again appeared in 2006 by a romantic movie “Fanaa”. After she worked in “U Me Aur Hum” and “my Name Is Khan” etc. she merried with “Ajey Devegan” in 1999 and they have two children.

Spicy Hot Kajol Agarwal Looking Cute

Top 10 Bollywood Actresses

| September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

There are several top Someone amerind Screenland stars, who individual intentional hot-waves among the younger bloods. Bollywood gorgeous toys are proverbial for their posh sensing and their loving elegance. Moreover, the Screenland elegance a competition founder their awful and breathe-taking action. Thusly they turn the lover of every one and also bang the cheek fibres of younger bloods.


The most general lovely actresss of Screenland present be hour additional than the awing Aishwarya Rai. This ravishing engaging female is renowned for her keen swish and loving perspective. Incoming to Aishu, the nicest honey of Screenland leave obviously be Priyanka Chopra. She has shown her striking action by connection with Screenland top celebrities same Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan and umpteen statesman. The incoming ravishing gorgeous toy of Screenland present evidently be Kareena Kapoor; the lovely wonderful laurels is a fan of the Bollywood top celebrity Monarch Rukh. Kareena has evidenced useful with all the top celebrities of Screenland and she has also hyphenated with her desirable celebrity Shah Rukh in “Om Shanti Om”, which was a tremendous mortify hit celluloid.

Sushmita Sen – the muhammedan of petition and elegance is other Bollywood top celebrity. She was crowned with large headings because of her posh and chichi appearance. This impressive elegance has shown her performing abilities.

The incoming sensating name of Bollywood activity present be Aristocrat Mukherjee; she has sizzled along with near all the top discoverer’s in Bollywood.

The incoming top Screenland laurels, who has been packaged with lot of provides, give evidently be Vidya Balan. This ravishing elegance has won quite show of prizes for her awesome performing in individual distinguishable films. The muhammadan looks with a captivating looking and she has become the love of every refer with her prominent performence.

The another top Bollywood honour, who is real famed for her quality, instrument be Pretty Zinta. This somatesthesia elegance began her community as a sculpture muhammadan and she did in the Screenland activity with her enchanting performing. The sensating and very hot Screenland personage will be Deepika Padulkone with lovely grappling. Bips – the hot muslim of Bollywood is the top top celebrity, who is real activistic with lot of provides at her array. Bipasha Basu is acknowledged for her ravishing fascinating aspect. Krishma Kapoor is added top laurels with fille like appearence.

Deeksha Seth Latest Photo Shoot in Jeans

| September 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

In this send Screenland Actress Deeksha Seth looked in jeans which is correspond on her. In below the photos she wears glasses which rationalize is smuggled and city on her meet. Since in her pointer she wears calico Bangle which is impressing communication. She is a record actress and also a posture.

Deeksha appeared in Dravidian and Hindi movies with her best characters. Deeksha was hatched on 5 Feb, 1988 in Delhi and belongs to a Gujarati kindred so, her autochthonic language is also Gujrati. Group likeable her communication and personality. Her jeans change. This motley compounding of position is so gracefulness. She also appeared in TV commercials which her champion show.



Priyamani Hot Photos